We cater to your needs whether it's to fix a sound system problem, find an audio engineer - event coordinator, learn about gain structure, or locate the right microphones to buy.  We provide a range of audio engineering services designed especially for you that fit right into even the tightest budget.


Never give in to sub-standard quality sound again! At your first on-site consultation, we promise to diagnose and fix your sound system problem within 45 minutes.


Experience the unity of everyone enjoying the mix! Professional engineering services are available on an hourly basis. Select Sound has a high standard that provides caring, consistent sound quality for all. Every musician, singer, platform presenter and audience member matters at every event. We are here to help and make your event especially fulfilling.

Demonstration Systems and Sales

Get rid of the struggle for professional, studio sound quality. We can demonstrate a complete sound system tailored to your location that will provide for smooth transitions and consistent engineering. We always act with the highest standard of professionalism and care.  Choose from different types of set-ups like:

Wedding System – designed for smaller events, with delivery and engineer included.

System D – Customizable for a larger sized event, with more musicians and system delivery.

System E – Customizable for a smaller event with less musicians and system delivery.


Monitor Engineering - how to provide the singer and musician with the mix that satisfies for peak performance.  

House Engineering - how to provide the audience or congegation with no feedback and cystal clear sound.

EQ Techniques - 

FX techniques

Mic Placement

Environment Assessment

Live Audio Recording  


Our live recording services provide a studio quality sound file at your location where you are most comfortable, like a family gathering. We are perfect for musicians or students who need to send out a sample song for those prospective endeavors.